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Healing Energies on the Palouse: Yoga Poses for Seven Wild Edge Spaces 

Healing artist Aletha Lassiter pairs seven locations on the Palouse with seven yoga poses (asanas), one for each chakra, or meditative focal points, according to the ancient yogic tradition. During the summer of 2018, photographer Katherine Watts accompanied  Aletha as she taught her chosen models the poses. 

Click on the icon above to learn more about each chakras and their connection to specific sites: Conservation Park, Palouse River and Paradise Creek Confluence, Military Hill Park, Sunnyside Park, the Magpie Forest, Idler's Rest on Moscow Mountain, and Steptoe Butte.

Aletha Lassiter provides education and wellness services to create a sustainable, healthy and compassionate world. She is the owner of Yogatopia in Pullman.

Kate Watt's love of landscape photography was fostered on family vacations in National Parks. More of her work can be found on her Facebook page: @kwattspalouse

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