who we are

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Linda Russo’s work engages and explores the forces that shape understandings of land and biotic community. Poetry and other kinds of making are her primary means of connecting with others. She is the author or several books of poetry and other writings, and has taught for the English Department at Washington State University for over a decade, currently serving as the Director of Creative Writing. Visit her faculty profile here. Russo founded EcoArts on the Palouse in 2017 and is honored to work with the students who take an interest in helping to shape and grow this endeavor.

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Jennifer Madison, Fall '21 Intern, received a BA from WSU Edward R. Murrow School of Communications (Spring ’99). She returned to WSU (Spring ’21) as a Post-Bacc to pursue a degree in Creative Writing-Digital Editing and Publishing. As an Alaskan girl raised on the Kenai River, she learned at an early age that the natural world deserves respect and that we are all stewards of this planet we call earth. She is a poet, an aspiring essayist, and UI/UX Creative. “I am grateful to be a part of the EcoArts on the Palouse project. I have learned so much about the local biotic community, and in doing so, I have learned about myself."

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Joel Kemegue, Fall ‘21 Intern, is a third-year English major with a focus in Creative Writing from Bellevue, Washington. He has been interested in reading and writing since the 5th grade. When he is not writing he’s usually watching movies, playing video games, and complaining about both. He is interested in how we view the ecosystem and is currently exploring that through a series of poems. He joined EcoArts on the Palouse to practice and explore the relationship between nature and writing, as well as to learn more about the natural environment of the Palouse.


Emily Lupoi, Fall '21 Intern, is a senior at WSU, majoring in Creative Writing. She has been an avid nature lover since she can remember, and deeply values the personal reflection that nature invites. She loves to hike, and explore the world. Emily's writing tends to be more lyrical,  and she is hoping to be a travel writer. In the meantime, she hopes to finish a short story within this school year. Emily always takes the opportunity to connect with nature when she can. She joined EcoArts to utilize her passion for writing and nature, and take advantage of the many opportunities to reconnect with the beautiful organic world around us.

This project was made possible by an Arts & Humanities grant from the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington State University. Thanks from the start to collaborators in restoration ecology, in particular Kayla Wakulich. Special thanks to student interns at Washington State University who are a huge part of this project, from discussing readings and hashing out concepts, to researching local ecology, conducting fieldwork, contributing art and writing, editing, and website design.