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Director Linda Russo founded EcoArts on the Palouse in 2017 with the help of grad and undergrad students in English and Conservation Biology at Washington State University where she teaches and also serves as the Director of Creative Writing. She is the author of several books of poetry and a collection of lyrical essays, and co-editor of two recent books in environmental and geohumanities. Visit her faculty page to hear more. She spends the rest of her time listening to plants. "Almost 11 years ago I went down to the muddy Palouse riverbank and my feet sunk in, setting a course."

Returning EcoArts Intern Lindsey Shannon is a Senior at Washington State University majoring in English Teaching who is working toward an Editing and Publishing Certificate. In addition to her role as Communications Director, Lindsey is doing fieldwork and learning about the urban-wild river ecology of Missouri Flat Creek.

"I was drawn to EcoArts and the exploration of Palouse edge spaces because it was something I knew very little about, and I wanted to challenge myself to be part of something outside of my literary comfort zone."

New to EcoArts is Intern Caitlyn Smith, a Senior Creative Writing Major at Washington State University who is pursuing an Editing and Publishing Certificate. She’s working on website design and fieldwork that takes her to local cemeteries to search for lichen.  “I was drawn to EcoArts because I knew pretty much nothing about it and needed to know more. I think that it is super interesting to focus on both local art and the environment. I think it’s important to stop and look at the life that surrounds us.”

Contributing Writer Rachel Clark writes about the interconnection between humans and the planet that sustains or diminishes all Life. She is the author of The Blackfish Prophecy, and her work has appeared in Nature News Online, Psychology Today, The Revelator, Harper’s Bazaar, The Joint Fire Science Program, Salon, Mental Floss, Farmer’s Almanac, Earth & Sky Radio, Mom.me, The Dodo & more. You can connect with Rachel's work at rachelclarkauthor.com.

This project was made possible by an Arts & Humanities grant from the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington State  University. Thanks from the start  to collaborators in restoration ecology, in particular Kayla Wakulich. Special thanks to student interns at Washington State University who are a huge part of this project, from discussing readings and hashing out concepts, to researching local ecology, conducting fieldwork, contributing art and writing, editing, and website design: Miguel Bustos, Coleman Davis, Brianna Esqueda, Emily Heston, Darcy Malberg, Ellen McNary,  Makayla North, Kathlene Roberts, Hannah Utter, and Anna Young.

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