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Third Eye Chakra

Ajna (Sixth Chakra) at Idler’s Rest Cedar Grove

Idler's Rest is a peaceful sanctuary for many. Large game enjoy the fruits of the old orchard, fish and amphibians dwell in the stream, and birds nest among the branches of Ponderosa pines and western red cedars. It also offers rest for the physical eyes and nourishment for the inner eye. The trails are easy and allow time to enjoy the sounds, smells, colors, and textures of nature.

The Sanskrit Ajna means both to "perceive" and to "command." To perceive is to see or recognize a pattern. Anodea Judith states in Chakra Balancing, "to command is to hold a picture in your mind as a guiding template for manifestation. It is important to be conscious of these internal pictures so that you create from clarity and intention, rather than illusion, the demon of the sixth chakra. Hold your perceptions lightly, with an open mind, and continue to test your intuition, sorting out fact and fiction."

This chakra is also referred to as the "third eye," an etheric organ of consciousness that lies directly behind and between your two physical eyes. The third eye is capable of seeing beyond the density of the physical world into the subtler realms of energy and spirit. Ajna is the center of intuition and illumination, the gateway to wisdom and the luminescent source of light within.


Practicing visualization, training the mind to focus, working with dreams, star gazing, eye exercises, child's pose, and learning detachment are the best ways to develop this center.

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