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Throat Chakra

Vishuddha (Fifth Chakra) in the Magpie Forest

The Magpie Forest Ecological Reserve is a 14-acre remnant of endangered Palouse Prairie vegetation that has not been plowed, burned, or grazed by cattle for many decades and includes forest, shrubs, and grassland rich with biodiversity. It is named for the very vocal black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia) that nests in the hawthorn trees there.

The Sanskrit Vishuddha means “purification” or “purified.” It is also linked to the idea that when this chakra is activated or balanced, we are able to express our truths with purity and honesty.

Anodea Judith explains in Chakra Balancing that this chakra "is about opening the voice, speaking your truth, and freeing your creativity. It is where you take the will from the third chakra, add it to the breath in the fourth chakra, and energize the ideas coming down from the mind, to express yourself in the world. Through communication you connect, expand, and unite with others, creating your world as you go."


Discover networks of communication and expression at the Magpie Forest. Stimulate the fifth chakra through singing, chanting, or having meaningful conversations. Yogic exercises that can be beneficial include Bee's breath, Lion's pose, and plow pose.

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