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The Plant Poems Project 

Poems for Native Plants
Missouri Flat Creek

In Flower Community: Poems and Musical Improvisations for Native Plants (Forthcoming)

Multiple Artists

 Aletha Lassiter & Kate Watts

Yoga Poses for Wild Edge Spaces: 

Annie Cunningham

Natural Dyes: Visual  Works Imbued
with Plant Pigments

John Walton

Beautiful & Chaotic: Poems

  Hannah Levy

Staying With the Pause:
Emotive Landscape Dances

Dennis DeHart 

The Snake River & Settlement
Wawawai Landing Photography

Gerri Sayler

Earthwork Mandalas for Palouse-
Clearwater Environmental Institute

Anna Young

Campus Canopy Acrostics

Daniela Molnar & Linda Russo

dear places therein:
a work for creeks

Justin Pickard

Various Lichen Inhabitants:

    Kamiak Shadows (Forthcoming)

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