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Sacral Chakra

Svadhisthana (Second Chakra) at the Palouse River and Paradise Creek Confluence

The element of the second chakra is water. Feel the flow where Paradise Creek merges with the Palouse River on the southeast end of Pullman, not far from the Chipman Trail. Anodea Judith writes in her book Chakra Balancing, "Water is the ultimate mover as it transports mountaintops hundreds of miles to the sea. Without water growth is impossible. This is the ultimate purpose of the second chakra: to get things moving. Without movement there is no journey, no change, and no evolution."


Svadhisthana comes from the Sanskrit sva, meaning “one’s own," and adisthana, meaning “home” or “dwelling place." Alive with transformation, the river is home to a beaver lodge, ecosystem engineers. Look for the subtle signs of movement and change, such as teeth markings on trees and beaver slips, alongside the water's edge.


The root, svad, also translates as “to taste with pleasure” or “enjoy." The Svadisthana chakra is our creativity and sexual center. It is located above the pubic bone, below the navel, and is responsible for our creative expression. Exercises that involve movement in the hips and lower abdomen — like dancer pose and garland pose —stimulate this chakra,. Other sacral stimulants include aromatic baths, massage, and embracing sensation (as through tasting different flavors of food).

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