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Staying With the Pause (Still)
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In a collaboration with the School of Environment & the City of Pullman, we've been working with native plants taking root in the name of ecological restoration along Missouri Flat Creek. Read about The Plant Poems Projectnearing completion. 

Lindsey Shannon, after being "Caught in the Spell of Biotic Community at  Rose Creek Preserve" reflects on what it might mean to be part of this larger "we."

"Seeing the Snake River Across Time" in EcoArts’ contributor Dennis Dehart’s photographs, Rachel Clark enfolds the personal within a vision of a liberated Snake River. 

Read Aidan Barger's Haibun Postcard series,

Designed during the summer of 2020, Hannah Levy's "Staying with the Pause" acknowledges the disappearance of "normal" and the emotionally-complex terrain of COVID-19. 

We acknowledge that the Palouse is the traditional homelands of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) Tribe and the Pelúuc Band of Indigenous People.