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Haibun Postcard: from the WSU Arboretum & Conservation Center, Pullman

The fly rests near the ragged, juicy plum skin, wind coursing over its iridescent thorax. Stripes of moss fill cracks on the wooden bench. Cattails slip from the moist edges of the pond while a constellation of yellow leaves sails across its surface. Even the trees wear moss, slurping the gray sprinkles of rain as they soak through the topsoil and descend. I imagine earthworms wriggling deep. A black spider crawls from one side of the path to the other. Hawk soars above.

pond’s surface

is creaking branches

worn glass wings

and sky

October 30, 2020

Aidan Barger is an EcoArts Intern and a Creative Writing Major. See his full profile here.

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