Staying with the Pause

Emotive Landscape Dance

“Staying with the Pause” is a series of site-specific dances designed and performed by Hannah Levy that address the stress of social isolation, anxiety, and depression that arise in this time of pandemic.

The dances featured in “Staying with the Pause” enable viewer-participants to acknowledge a need to process the uncertain emotionscape. The piece exemplifies that it’s okay not to be okay right now. Specifically, we may feel compelled to “fill up” the time that has opened up due to social distancing by being productive academically or taking up a self-improvement regimen. “Staying with the Pause” conveys that we have departed from “normal” and it’s okay to let go of “normal” expectations. We may be feeling higher highs and lower lows and require a different set of coping skills. Dance as a temporal form takes performer and viewer-participant “into the pause” and reminds us to feel what we are feeling by moving our bodies freely. It is a means of practicing empathy for others and for the self during this time. 

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