dear places therein

Daniela Molnar & Linda Russo

This is a work made for creeks. Linda collected silt from several creeks on the Palouse, and spent time in their niches walking, writing, print-making, and performing other such humble rituals. Daniela's visual-verbal pieces occasioned the mingling of these silts with other natural pigments and languages gleaned from Daniela's watershed journeyings . . . 

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creek dreaming
breath [reverse]
weave release
weave release [detail]
weave release 1
is enduring necessary
is enduring necessary [reverse]
from under
from under [left]
from under [center]
from under [right]
calibrate recalibrate
calibrate recalibrate [detail]

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weave release [detail]

found silk and thread, Missouri Flat Creek, Dark Divide Pale Creek, Salmon River Alder Cone red, Willamette River shale, Mount Tabor sumac black, iron oxide, synthetic pigments, charcoal and pastels on paper, 2020.